How to Install a Blog in WordPress: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

How to Install a Blog in WordPress

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If you want to be a good blogger then you should know about How to Install a Blog in WordPress because of WordPress is SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS). It is an open source and free.

So here we tell you about How to Install a WordPress Blog in cPanel through Softaculous.

How to Install a Blog in WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Install a Blog in WordPress
How to Install a WordPress Blog


For WordPress Blog installation, you should have a domain name and web hosting. The Web hosting company gives you the cPanel option. By this cPanel, you can operate all your blog activity and do all kind of kinds of stuff you want.

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Step 1:  Open the cPanel by login through your Username and Password which is given by web hosting company through a registration process.  The login details have mailed by the web hosting company. Open the cPanel by typing your website URL and put cPanel after your website URL.

Example:  website-url/cpanel

Step 2: When you open cPanel there is an option of Softaculous App Installer. Softaculous is a company which provides the free Content Management System (CMS). Choose WordPress by clicking.


How to install a Blog in WordPress


Step 3: When will you click on WordPress then it will ask you to Install WordPress. Click Install Now.


How to Start a Blog in WordPress


Step 4: When you will click on install Now then it will ask you to the following details. The sample image is given below and we will break this into different parts.


How to Install a Blog in WordPress

a. Software Set Up:

In Software Setup, there are three parts Choose the Protocol, Domain Name, Directory.

How to Install a WordPress Blog

It will ask you to choose the protocol. Protocol means you want to choose HTTP. If you have SSL then you can choose HTTPS. In this, you can also choose http with www or without www.

Choose your domain name by putting your website domain name with extension.  Example:

You will leave the Directory option empty. It will put wp by default in the directory. So you should remove wp.

b. Site Settings:

How to Install a Blog in WordPress

In Site Settings, You will write your Website Name and Description.

c. Admin Account:

How to Install a WordPress Blog

After this, you will see Admin Account, In this, you will choose your Username and Password. Also, fill the Admin Email details where you want to see these login details.

d. Choose Language:

How to Install a WordPress Blog

When you fill the above details then you will see Choose language option after it. So you can choose your desired language. if you want to write in English then leave this option as it is because English is present in it before choosing the language.

e. Select Plugins:

How to Start a WordPress Blog

In Select Plugins, if you want to limit login attempts then click it otherwise leave as it is.

f. Advanced Option:

How to Install a WordPress Blog

In Advanced option, you show the database leave as it is because it creates the database by own. A database is needed for every website. Leave Database Name and Table Prefix as it is.

Leave Disable Email Notification as it is and do not click it.

If you want to upgrade plugins and themes and WordPress version then choose all upgrade option.

It gives you two option for backup default and the local folder. Choose Local Folder for backups. It stores your backup in the public_html folder.

In Automated Backup, it gives you five option for the backup.

How do you want the backup? Once a day, Once a week, Once a Month or Custom or Don’t want the backup. Choose your option how do you want to back up your website.

You can select backup rotation according to you.

g. Select Theme:

How to Install a WordPress Blog

Select your desired theme otherwise, it installs WordPress default themes like 2015, 2016, 2017.

h. Click Install:

How to Install a Blog in WordPress


Fill your Email below Install Button.

Click Install and after some time Your WordPress blog is ready for work. WordPress will send you the Congratulation Message like this.


How to Install a WordPress Blog

After this process, you can open your blog or website with type your website URL and put wp-admin after your website URL.

Example: website-url/wp-admin

Login by your Username and Password. Your WordPress Blog is ready for work.

So this is the process of How to Install a Blog in WordPress.


By this guide, you can install your WordPress Blog is very easy. We share a full installation guide. Use this guide and tell us about your experience with WordPress Blog Installation. If you want to learn or earn with blogging then WordPress is needed CMS for you.

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How to Install a Blog in WordPress: It's Not as Difficult as You Think
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