19 Quick Tips About How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog

How to Get More Traffic to WordPress Blog

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When you will start a blog there is one thing you will get in your mind? That is Traffic. You should know about How to Get More traffic to My WordPress Blog. Because Traffic is necessary for bloggers. By traffic, you can get more leads and if you have got these leads then you can convert these leads into sales.

So you should know about How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog free guide.

How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog?

There are many traffic techniques you should apply on your blog.


How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog
How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog


1. Share Blog Content on Social Media Platforms:

When you have published your blog then after publishing you should start blog promotion. First, you should post the Blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. When you will share the blog on social media websites then you can boost your website authority.


Social Media Websites


a. Facebook:

Create a Facebook Business Page and share your blog content on your own facebook page. This is the best technique for traffic generation. You should share the Facebook Page Content through your Facebook profile.

Post regularly on your page and get more likes by promoting your page through paid ads, share the page in groups and invite your friends. You should use relevant hashtags on your facebook page. Use 2-3 Hashtags on Facebook Page.


b. Twitter:

Share your blog post on Twitter and you should increase your followers and following to get more traffic. Here you can send the message and make a list on Twitter. You should use relevant hashtags on Twitter. Use 2-3 hashtags on Twitter.

c. LinkedIn:

You should create a LinkedIn Page and share your blog post on LinkedIn Page. You should try to increase your business page followers and share the page content through the LinkedIn profile.

Use relevant hashtags on LinkedIn and LinkedIn gives you the hashtags suggestion. So you should use LinkedIn suggested hashtags.

d. Pinterest:

Create a Pinterest profile and share your blog content on the Pinterest platform to get traffic to your blog. Here you have to create the boards and share your blog posts in these Boards.

In Pinterest, You can share content with images. You have to upload the image and fill the description and give the blog post link. Here you should use 2-3 relevant hashtags with more searches.

e. Instagram:

Instagram is much-growing platform and you have to create an attractive profile with the website link. It is an image sharing website to get more likes, engagement, and traffic through profile link.

You should post Images with the Description, Blog link, with relevant hashtags. In Instagram, you should use more hashtags but not more than 28 or 29.

You should use other social media platforms and share your blog post on those platforms.

2. Use Social Media Groups:

You should use the power of social media groups. If you will post your content in the bigger groups then there is a possibility to get more traffic to your blog.

a. Facebook Groups:

Share your blog content in facebook groups. You should join the largest audience Facebook groups. There are three types of Facebook group: Public, Closed or Secret Groups. 

In Public Group, you can post your Facebook Page Posts in these groups to get more reach on your page. If you will get more reach then there is a chance of more traffic.

Closed Group, These kinds of groups will give you permission to post your blog link manually. So here you can not share your page posts directly. There are different rules of different groups.

Some Closed Group will allow you to Share your Facebook Page Content directly or some will not allow you to post. It depends on Group Rules.

Secret Groups, These types of groups will not show to everyone and if anyone will add you then you can see this group post otherwise not.

Use the Public or Closed group to get more traffic to your blog. Please read and follow the group rules and regulation before post the blog content.

b. LinkedIn Groups:

Join the largest audience LinkedIn group and post your blog content in LinkedIn groups. Here you can not share your business page content directly in groups.

You should post your blog content manually in LinkedIn groups. These are the best resources to get more traffic to your blog.

c. WhatsApp Groups:

Join larger WhatsApp group and share your blog content in these groups. Here you can share your blog post links manually or by social sharing buttons on your website.

3. Social Bookmarking:

If you want to get more traffic then social bookmarking is beneficial for you to get more traffic on your website. We recommend using the high Domain Authority websites to post your blog content.


Social Bookmarkings
Social Bookmarking


In Social Bookmarking, you should put your blog post links and it fetches the data by themselves.

You should use these high Domain Authority websites to get more traffic. Some social bookmarking websites are Reddit, Mix, Scoop, Tumblr, Quora, Instapaper, Digg, Diggo, Plurk etc.

If you do not share or promote content then you can not get traffic. 

4. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is an effective way to get traffic to your blog. You will be thinking that How do I get Traffic to My Blog through Email Marketing.

It is easy to get traffic from email marketing. You should ask your blog visitors to their email id. You should put an Email Subscription form on your blog website. There are no limitations in email marketing of sharing the content.


Email Marketing


We are telling some email marketing tips:

1. Put Subscribe form in your website in the right sidebar or below the blog post.

2. Use WP Subscribe or Mailmunch plugin to get the website visitors details.

3. You should provide free tips and tricks of your topic to the blog visitors.

4. Create a PDF or Ebook and Ask the users Email Id or Name in exchange of EBook.

If you have more Email Subscribers then there is the high chance to get more traffic. You should provide more value to your user and get more trust by giving him useful content.

If you are a beginner then you should use the Email Marketing tools to send or decrease your workload. They will provide you the free subscription. These tools are MailChimp, Mailerlite, Send Grid, Convert kit.

MailChimp is free for first 2000 Subscribers. if you want to learn email marketing then use this tool.

Use Email Automation which will send your Blog Content on scheduled time to your users.

5. Blog Comments:

Blog comments are also important and it will also give the traffic to your blog. You should search a high domain authority website and do genuine comments on the other blogger websites. Which will add the value to their blog?

So you should do comments regularly on other websites. Do not spam and do 4-5 comments every day on other blogger websites in a genuine way. If he will like your blog then they will also give you the backlink from their website.

First, you should leave the valuable comment and ask them to post your blog post link in their comments section. The comment should add the value to their blog?

Otherwise, you can leave your website link in their website link section. In comments, they will give following option like Name, Email, Website, and Comment.

6. Give Answers on Quora:

Quora is the best and high Domain Authority Question and Answer website. You can get more traffic from Quora in two ways. Quora also gives you the Share a Link option. You can also post the blog here.

1. Ask a question on Quora and give your blog link?

2. Give the answer to any question on Quora and link back to your Post.




Make a Complete Profile on Quora with the Blog website Link and Upload your own profile image.

Give the Answer to Quora’s Other User Question:

We all know that Quora is the Famous website for question and answer. What should you do on Quora to get more traffic?

1. Search the question related to your blog.

2. Write a detailed answer to the question.

3. Put your blog post link in the answer section.

4. You can also make any text clickable with the blog post links.

5. Share your answer on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Page and groups.

When you give more questions answer on Quora then Quora will give you the place in their Quora Digest and You will get more views on your answer.

When you are in Quora Digest then Other Quora users will ask the question directly from you. Quora will give more traffic to your website after some time. 

By this, you will be established as an Expert on Quora. It will give more preference to you.

So use Quora and other Questions and Answer website to get more traffic.

7. Use Internal Links:

Internal Link is the best practice to connect your page and it passes the link juice in your website. Which will help to rank the websites in Search Engines? Internal Links will help you to get traffic. How Internal Links help you?

1. If you have more blog post on your website then you can internally link to your relevant blog post. When the user read your blog post then he or she will also read your other internally link blog posts.

2. Internal Link is the basic search engine guide which will help you to get the traffic and it passes the link juice in the website.

So use internal linking and get more benefit from it.

8. Republish Your Blog Post on Medium and LinkedIn:

You should republish your content on the Website like Medium and LinkedIn you do not get any duplicate content issue from Google.

Republish Blog on Medium:

You should repost your blog content on Medium because Medium uses Canonical Tags and link back it to the original blog post. This tag avoids the duplicate issue. It will increase the traffic and save your content from duplication.

You will go to the Import Option in Medium and it will show you the complete article with a source link. The Medium does not fetch the images. So you should add the images and Change the post title tag.

There are two benefits here:

1. You do not need new blog content.

2. Also, you will get more traffic from here and it will give the Original Source link also. if any user will click this link then he will reach the original article and see another post on the original website.

Republish blog on LinkedIn:

You will republish your blog on the different way on LinkedIn because it does not link back to the original article. LinkedIn also helps you to drive traffic to your blog.

1. Choose the different Title for your LinkedIn Article.

2. Put the Image with ALT text.

3. Write 50-60 words and link to your original blog content. So you will put the link in Read More, Click Here etc. Otherwise, you can put the naked URL in the article.

Share your Republish Content on Social media websites and also in Social media groups. The republish technique will help you to drive more traffic to your blog.

9. Convert your Blog Post into Videos:

The video is famous in today internet world. You should create a video on the particular blog post and post the video on Youtube. It is called Content Repurposing.




What should you do?

1. Make an Attractive Video on a particular blog post. Describe your blog in detail through video

2. Upload the Video on Youtube with Title, Tags, Description.

3. Put your blog post link in Description then it will link back to your blog. Which will help you to get more traffic?

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. So you should use Youtube for Videos. So you should gain More Subscribers to get more views and traffic. Youtube has a high Domain Authority website.

Video generate more traffic than any other source and no one want to read more detailed. So you should use this platform.

10. Encourage for Social Sharing:

You should add the Social Media Sharing buttons in your blog website to share your blog post directly from the website. There are many WordPress plugins available for social sharing like Sassy Social Share, Social Pug, Addthis etc.

5 Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins in 2018 

When you have written your complete article then ask your website visitors to share your blog post on different social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc in the end.

So encourage your users to do more social shares. It is another way to get more traffic to your blog.

11. Guest Post:

You should do the guest post on the high Domain Authority websites or high traffic websites. If a website has the high traffic then it will give you more traffic. It is the best technique to get more traffic early.

You should following these rules for Guest Post.

1. Contact the website through Email.

2. You should send 2-3 articles with images.

3. Write blog post above 1000 words.

4. Ask the website owner for a link.

5. Internal link their content in your own blog content.

6. If website owner post that content on their website Share that blog on your social media profile.

Send the Thank you Email to the website owner.

It will help you to drive more traffic early. So use this method to get the traffic early and relevant manner.

12. Push Notifications:

Push Notifications is the other way to get traffic to your blog. When you will write a blog post and publish it then it will send a notification to the user to desktop and mobile.


Push Notification
Push Notification


If a user subscribes your push notification he or she can get the blog post notification to their browser. It is the best way to generate traffic to your blog. There are many push notification websites you should use. These websites are PushEngage, One Signal, Pushify.

Onesignal is the free push notification sender website. You should use this website and it will do their work automatically.

You can get One Signal WordPress plugin and set the push notification for your blog.

13. Infographics:

You can convert your blog post into Infographics. Create Engaging Infographics and post these infographics to Pinterest, Visual.ly websites and all the image sharing websites. Give your blog post link as an Original Source.



How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog


Infographics are the best way to get more engagement and traffic to Your Website. You can use infographics to your blog post.

The Infographics will get more engagement and traffic from Social Media Websites.

14. Powerpoint Presentation and PDF:

PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) is another way to get more traffic to your blog. Convert your blog post into Powerpoint Presentation and upload the powerpoint presentation to Slideshare. Also, give your blog post as the Original Source then it will give you more traffic to your website.

You can embed your Powerpoint Presentation on your website.

PDF is another way to get more traffic. Copy your blog post and put it into Word File and convert Word file into PDF by any online converter.

You can also upload the PDF file on the website like Scribd. This will provide you traffic.

Put this PDF file in your blog post and ask the user to download the PDF in exchange for their email and name. When you will get the data then you can easily get the traffic. You can send another blog posts to the subscribed users and it will provide you traffic.

15. Free EBooks: 

This is another way to get more trust and build online authority in online marketing. Create an EBook with a beautiful cover photo and PDF. Integrate both covers and PDF. Give a lead magnet to promote the EBook.



Download this EBook Here


You can use Free Hello Bar to promote your EBook. In Lead Magnet, you will ask the user to give their email id and name in exchange of EBook.

Promote EBook on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

When you will get the Email Id then you will send the other blog post to that user. By this method, you can collect subscribers and increase the traffic rate.

16. Integrate Bot with Blog Website:

If you do not want to leave any traffic opportunity then you should also integrate the bot with a website to chat the users.

Here you can connect Facebook Messenger Chatbot with a website to talk the visitors. If you want to talk directly to users then you can integrate WhatsApp with Website.

You can also add the Live chat tools to directly talk to your website.

You can integrate Automated Chatbot to the website to engage with users which will increase the chance of conversion. So you can use this tactic for traffic generation.

17. Influencer Marketing:

You can approach any influencer to promote your blog post. Write a remarkable blog post and create an email related to the blog post. Send this email to the influencer of your industry.

If they will like your content then they will share your content. Do not force them to share. Ask him to read your content and ask them for sharing if they like.

It is an easy and fast way to get traffic to your WordPress Blog.

18. Broken Link Building:

This is the proven way to get more traffic to your blog. Check the broken links of other websites of your industry. You can check the broken links of other websites by the website like Broken link Check or Dead Link Checker.

When you will get the broken links in other website content then create a better piece of content then the previous content. Send an email to tell the website owner that he has a broken link in their website. If he would like to fix the broken link then he will add your blog post link.

If you want to know more about Broken link Building then you should read Ahrefs Post.

A Simple Guide to Broken Link Building

19. Reschedule Post on Social Media:

Rescheduling is the other way to get traffic to your website. Reschedule Your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc through Buffer. The Buffer tool gives you the reschedule option. The buffer is an amazing tool to schedule your post.



You should reschedule your blog post after two months of publishing. Share it with others on Social Media websites. Use reschedule and get more traffic to your blog. If you will do more promotion then higher the chance of getting traffic.

So these are the 19 Free tips for getting the more traffic to your blog. You will apply these techniques to get more traffic. After this, you have not any question regarding How to Get More Traffic to My WordPress Blog?


So you should apply these techniques for your blog and have patience for some time to get the traffic and ranking of your blog website. Here all doubts are clear about How to Get More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or any blog.

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