12 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs You Should Use (2018)

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

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WordPress is the best and user-friendly CMS. Plugins have made it very simple and straight-forward. So, you should use 12 Top or Best WordPress Plugins for blogs or websites. So these plugins made your tasks easy and comfortable.

12 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs You Should Use

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Blogs or Websites are given below:

1. Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is the freemium plugin which is also free and premium. But free is enough for you to make your content SEO friendly.  This plugin provides you the Readability and SEO also and other plugins do not provide this data.

Readability, it tells you the paragraph size, active and passive voice use, ease in reading, transition word usage.

SEO, it will tell you that Focus keyword should be used in Paragraphs, Subheadings, Title, Meta Description, URLImage ALT Text, First Paragraph also.

There are other factors also tell by Yoast SEO like Internal and External Linking, Keyword Density, Title length, Image Appearance.

You can also edit the .htaccess, robots.txt file, create the sitemap, add webmaster code, social graph etc.


Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs
Best Free WordPress Plugins

2. Outreach Plus:

Outreach Plus plugin is an email marketing tool. It is used to increase the website traffic. Outreach Plus does not send the multiple emails at a time but it will tell you the email open rate, click, replied, insights and much more.

It is easy to use and provide the 360-degree view of your email campaign. Its features are easy to use.

3. All in One SEO Pack:

All in One SEO Pack is also tell you the SEO Title length, Meta Description, Meta tags. You can add a meta description, keywords, and title by this plugin.

Here you can easily add the sitemap and robots.txt file. Other functionality like you can boost your website performance, block bad bots, Social Graphs. You can also import or export this plugin setting to others plugins.

It provides you the more settings than Yoast SEO. You can also add this plugin where do you want to add and do the post noindex or nofollow if you want. All in One SEO Pack also provides the Canonical URL functionality and Schema Mark UP.

4. Akismet:

Its full name is Akismet Anti-spam. This plugin is used for saving from the spammers. This plugin saves your website or blog from spammers. It also protects your website when you do not work on website or sleeping time. If you want to save your website from spammers and maintain your website rankings then use this plugin.

Spammers are those who send the bot traffic to your website and destroy your website bounce rate. This activity outranked your website from Google by spammers.

5. Jetpack:

There is the best plugin which is Jetpack has the feature of free WordPress.com website and its plugin is also available in WordPress.org.

JetPack Plugin: A Powerful WordPress Plugin by Automatic

This plugin tells you the stats of blog post, social comment feature, subscription form, and many more features. It is the free plugin by WordPress.com.

6. Wordfence:

Wordfence is the free and premium plugin. It is the security plugin for WordPress. Use this plugin to secure your website to hack by hackers. This is the best plugin for security. By Wordfence, you can block the threatened IP address and firewall.

This plugin provides the firewall, scan, live traffic, and tools. This plugin scans the manual blocking, brute force attacks, web application firewall.

7. Social Icons:

Social Icons is the plugin for sharing the WordPress posts and blogs. With this plugin, you can display so many share icons in widget and shortcodes. You can also use the shortcodes to display the social icons anywhere on the website or blog. So use this plugin to get more social shares.


a. It supports more than 100 social icons.

b. You can use multiple layouts.

c. Drag and Drop option available.

d. Support square, rounded icons.

e. Easy settings in the widget form.

8. WP-Optimize:

WP-Optimize plugin is used to speed up the website. It makes the database clean and efficient. This plugin is automatically cleaned the WordPress database. You should use this plugin because it cleans your website database in an efficient manner.


a. It removes the unnecessary data.

b. WP-Optimize is mobile-friendly and easy to use.

c. Detailed control of optimization of this plugin.

d. Automatically weekly cleans up.

e. Performing the optimization process without running manual queries.

f. Automatically back up via Updraft-plus.

9. All in One Schema Rich Snippet:

A schema is a new technique in the SEO World. Google wants to show the relevant answer on the 1st page of Google. So they want to show the answer in the heading form in Snippets at Zero position. Google also adds the Zero position on the first page in SERP.

If you apply the schema on Article and it shows the article on 0 positions then it is called featured snippet.

If the schema applies to a product then it shows the product before the organic result. It is called Rich Snippet.

By this plugin, you can apply schema on this.

a. Item Reviews

b. Event

c. Product

d. Person

e. Recipe

f. Software Application

g. Article

h. Video

i. Service

Select above which you want to apply schema. So you should use this plugin to get featured snippet position.

10. Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages is called as AMP. It is the product of Google to increase the website speed. If you want to speed up your website and load fast on mobile then use AMP. If you want fast loading speed then use this feature.

So you should use AMP for WP Plugin for WordPress website. This plugin is designed by Mohammed Kaludi, Ahmed Kaludi.

This is the best and free plugin. You can add Social Shares buttons, Adsense ads, Instant Articles with more features. AMP does not include javascript and CSS. So the website loads fast on Athe MP version.

11. Redirection:

Redirection is another plugin which is necessary for all. This plugin uses to fix the broken error problem. This error is called Error 404. By redirection, you can redirect the broken link to any page which is working properly on the website.

You can fix this issue by the Permanent Redirection (301) also. If you want to redirect for some time then you can use Temporary Redirection (302).

So use this plugin to resolve the broken link problems. By this plugin, you can easily redirect your webpage.

12. W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache is used to improve the speed of the website. In W3Total Cache, clear your database, minify the settings, object cache, page cache.  Content Delivery Network(CDN) is also available in W3 Total Cache.

You can clear browser cache, fragment cache and also import/export settings of this plugin.

So these are the Best WordPress Plugins for blogs or website which makes the website unique and optimized.


So, by these plugins, you can improve your website speed and the SEO Score of your website. These plugins will help you to rank better in Search Engines and also give you the social shares and audience through email marketing. So use these (top) Best Free WordPress Plugins for blogs or websites and get more traffic and audience.

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12 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs You Should Use (2018)
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12 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs You Should Use (2018)
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