How to Repurpose Your Blog Content: 10 Best Way to Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

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Content Repurposing is one of the most important factors according to traffic. It will supercharge your content marketing effort. Many marketers will use this technique to maximize their content marketing effort and get huge traffic.

So here we will tell you How to Repurpose Your Blog Content to maximize your business leads and get huge traffic.

What is Content Repurposing?

Content Repurposing means reuse your blog content into other forms to get the huge traffic. You can convert your blog content into video, webinar, powerpoint presentation, PDF, EBooks etc. So use content repurposing because it is one of the Off Page SEO factors and you can not face the duplicate issue.

Content Repurposing will provide you with the huge traffic and maximize your content marketing efforts to get the business leads.


How to Repurpose Your Blog Content
How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Why You Should Repurpose Your Blog Content?

So you should repurpose your blog content because it will help you in many aspects.

1. You do not need to write more content for your blogs.

2. You will get lots of traffic through other platforms where you will repurpose your content.

3. You can grow your Email Subscribers through Content Repurposing.

4. Establish you as an authority to other platforms.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content: 10 Best Way to Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts

So You should Follow the 8 ways to repurpose your blog content

1. Power-Point Presentation:

Power-Point Presentation or PPT is the best method for repurposing your blog content. So convert your blog into Power-point Presentation with blog images and quotes.

When will you create the Power-Point presentation then upload your PPT to the PPT submission websites with the high Domain Authority like Slideshare, Slideboom etc?

Upload your presentation with Title, Description etc. So you should choose the different title and description for your blog. So it will create the advantage to your blog content.

2. Infographics: 

Infographics is another way of content repurposing. It will give you higher traffic than other techniques. So Create an Infographic of your blog posts and Submit the Infographics to the Image Submission websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter to get the huge traffic to your website.

You can put your headings and describe the topic in Infographic. Use this technique because people are attracted more by the images and visuals and it is the human tendency.

Here is the example of Infographics.

We have Created the Blog post around How to Create a WordPress Blog. After this, we have created an infographic of this post.

How to Start a WordPress Blog
How to Start a WordPress Blog

3. EBooks:

EBooks are another effective way to repurpose your content. It will help you to get the leads and email id’s through the website by creating a perfect lead magnet.

So convert your blog post into PDF and Design an attractive cover of EBook. Put EBook in your blog or business website with a lead magnet.

In Lead Magnet, you will design a form where the user will fill their details like Email, Name and the profession.

EBook will help your user because if they have no time then they will download your EBook and read your content when they want to read.

So EBooks are the best methods to get leads and well use of your blog content.

Benefits of EBooks:

a. Reuse of your blog Content

b. Get more traffic

c. Get the leads through Email Id’s and you can turn visitors into your subscribers.

If you want to see How to Put your EBook in the blog website then you should visit this page to get more idea.

We have written a Post How to Get More traffic to your Blog by following 19 waysAfter writing this blog post, we have converted this into an EBook. We have changed the title and description.


How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog [Free EBook]? 

This EBook has given us 50 email id’s and we have got 5o loyal visitors for our blog or website.


How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog [EBook]
How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog [EBook]

4. Republish Your Blog Post on Medium:

So republish your blog content on Medium is another way to get more traffic. Medium is the best website to republish your blog post because it uses the Canonical tag which avoids the content duplicacy issues. Here you will not face the duplicate content issue.

Medium has made for the post and repurposing your content. This will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. So use this platform to maximize your content marketing efforts.

Go to Import option and put your blog post URL and it will fetch complete blog content and title. Medium does not fetch the images. So you should upload your images on your own.

So Change the blog title and add some content to give more value to your customers.




5. Republish Your Blog Content on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the best platform for content marketing and it has over 500 Million users. So republish your blog posts on the LinkedIn platform.

On this platform, you can get more business to business leads by republishing your content on the regular basis. Use this platform to get more leads and conversions.

So Put your blog content into Article and Change your title and upload the proper images. LinkedIn has also a platform which does not create any duplicate issue of content.

Republish more content on LinkedIn to maximize your content marketing efforts.


6. Videos:

Convert your blog post into videos and upload the video on Youtube. Because Youtube is the World’s largest second search engine after Google. Youtube has 1.2 billion searches.

So Create the video on your blog and it will definitely give you more traffic and business leads. So take the benefit of Youtube and get more traffic than all other repurposing activities.

Videos are an effective technique of repurposing and give the website a huge traffic.

Upload your Video on Youtube with Proper Title. Description and tags.



7. Podcasts:

Some people will love to hear the podcasts. So you should convert your blog into podcasts with the help of tools. Podcasts are an effective way to generate traffic.

Neil Patel also uses the podcast technique to get the traffic on his website He does the podcasts with Eric Siu the best SEO Consultant.



So create podcasts around your blog topic and upload it with proper title and description. It is an effective method of content repurposing.

8. Webinar:

You can schedule a webinar and get the trust of your visitors. It is an effective method of content repurposing. Do live webinar around your blog topic. By webinar, you can educate your customers and generate the leads through a webinar.

You can get sales and get the traffic. So send your subscriber an email of webinar timing. Post your webinar time on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can run paid ads for webinar registration.

So take webinar software like Zoom, Go to Webinar for scheduling the webinars.

It is the best way to repurposing content. A company like HubSpot schedule webinar to educate their customers and get the business leads.

9. Convert Your Blog Post into Email Course:

If you write on a particular topic then you can convert your blog posts into email series. So write the blogs on the particular topic and send blog through Email Marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber etc.

Write emails and put your blog post into the email. Send through Email Marketing tools, You can shoot the email when you will publish the blog otherwise you can automate your email marketing work.

At this time, Email Marketing Automation is easy and reduce the workload. So use email marketing automation to send the email courses. It is an effective way to reuse your blog content.

10. PDF:

PDF is another part of Content Repurposing. So you should create a downloadable PDF and put the PDF into your website. You can upload your PDF to the PDF submission websites to maximize the traffic and your content reach.

Create a PDF and put the lead magnet for downloading the PDF and it will provide you the Email of the visitors in exchange of PDF. This is powerful technique to get the traffic.

So these are the best techniques of How to Repurpose Your Content. By these techniques, you can get more traffic and loyal customers.


In this blog, we will tell you How to Repurpose your blog content to maximize your content reach and get huge traffic with other websites. So use these strategies and get most out of your blog content.

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How to Repurpose Your Blog Content: 10 Best Way to Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts
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